4 Steps to Hiring an Email Marketing Consultant

It can be challenging handling all the email marketing work in your business without the help of a consultant.

Businesses are popping up, and competition is soaring. More than ever, there is a need to promote your business using the right email marketing practices.

So, what do you do? Hire an email marketing consultant! This is a superb way to bolster lead generation.

Read on to get more insightful thoughts on how to hire an email marketing consultant and why it’s crucial.

What Is Email Marketing Consulting?

Email marketing consulting involves engaging an email marketing consulting firm to build a foolproof email marketing strategy for your business. Through emails, the firm establishes effective marketing techniques and builds healthy relationships with your target audience.


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Why Do You Need an Email Marketing Consultant?

Here’s why you need an email marketing consultant:

Converting Leads

A consulting firm is knowledgeable in pinpointing the root causes of low conversions. It will propose what actions to take to return your business to profitability.

A Fresh Outsider Perspective

An email consultant will bring insightful ideas to reinvigorate your business communication. Consultants stay up to date on emerging trends in communication. Their specialization will enable you to deliver the right message at the right time and establish you as a market leader.

Tracking Metrics

Sending emails to your target audience is inconsequential; it is the opening of the emails that matters. So how do you know that the recipient has opened the mail and engaged with it?

It’s only through analytics.

A consulting firm has the expertise to understand and track different types of metrics like click rates, unsubscribe rates, bounce rates, and open rates. Furthermore, a firm can also compare its performance to top competitors through metrics and offer solutions on areas to improve.

Retaining Existing Clients

Acquiring new customers is more challenging and more expensive than retaining clients. Email consultants help devise ways of maintaining existing customers.

Consultants develop ways of understanding changing customer needs. Understanding trends in demand helps reduce unsubscription rates.

Marketing Strategy

Your business needs a solid marketing strategy with goals and timelines in the short and long term. A consultant will discuss your audience needs and business goals with you.

The consultant will manage email lists and find the most suitable way to integrate email, digital marketing, content marketing, and SEO to optimize lead sales.

What to Look for in an Email Marketing Consultant

When looking for an email marketing consultant, consider the following factors:

Previous Experience with Email Marketing Tools

Your business requires someone with experience in email marketing tools. You need an expert well-versed with the best email tools. Without this experience, your business will need more time to fix the existing communication gaps, which could otherwise be spent to increase your ROI.

Find someone who will:

  • Analyze competition
  • Integrate email with social media and SEO
  • Monitor growth and success
  • Improve deliverability
  • Test emails, e.g., A/B testing
  • Manage lists
  • Distribute emails

Ability to Develop Underlying Strategies for Their Marketing Campaign

The first thing you want to know is if the email consultant has the expertise to develop an email campaign and synchronize it with your company’s marketing goals.

The consultant should demonstrate a deep understanding of branding and building businesses.

They should possess working knowledge of different email marketing tools and integrate them with good SEO.

The consultant must have the ability to conceptualize, create, and execute the marketing campaign strategy.

Ability to Optimize Email Campaigns Using SEO and Social Media

SEO and social media are critical for online success for email marketing campaigns.

Knowledge in SEO guides the consultant in generating keywords for emails, newsletters, and articles on the website.

Knowledge of SEO will also drive and guide the consultant to understand the audience’s needs. They will use the information to create email campaigns that increase leads.

A good consultant should be active on social media. They need to integrate emails with Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. These platforms help in growing your email list.

Knowledge of Creating Promotional Emails

An email marketing consultant should be creative in designing convincing promotional emails that increase conversions.

They must have a strong creative ability to hit the desired call to action.

They should create emails that compel the audience to visit your company website.

They must also possess strong copywriting skills to write content that connects the reader with your products.

4 Steps of Hiring an Email Marketing Consultant

The best way to find a reliable consultant is by:

  1. Identifying Areas You Need to strengthen.

What’s derailing your existing email marketing program? What can you change about it to build healthier relationships with your customers? List the specific areas where you can improve.

It may be impossible to launch all the marketing campaigns simultaneously. Consider which is the most urgent or which one needs to come first.

  1. Determine Your Budget.

How much are you willing to spend on email marketing consultancy services? Check the pricing of consultants who align with your budget, then reach out to them. A cheap consultant doesn’t mean they are underqualified, nor is an expensive one the best.

  1. Identify the Ideal Firm.

Once you have a job description and a budget, it’s time to get the right consultant. Find a consultant who checks your list of needs.

  • Length of the contract

Decide on working terms. Your project will dictate whether you need someone in the short or long term. Generally, starting with a short-term contract during which you assess their performance may help, then you can adopt a long-term contract.

  • Type of tools to be used

Get to know the kind of tools and technology they will employ. Do they match your budget and project goals?

  • Quality of work and turnaround time

Visit their website and read customer reviews; it will give you an insight into their turnaround time and the quality of their services.

  1. Contact Them.

It’s now time to ask all your questions to get clarity. Schedule a one-on-one call and discuss moving your business to the next level.

Do not hesitate to ask any questions such as:

  • What types of emails do you use to move prospects down the funnel?
  • What kind of tools and email marketing have you used previously?
  • How do you solve common email marketing challenges like bounce rates?
  • What email marketing workflows have you established before?
  • How will you nurture prospects?
  • What metrics and actions do you use to measure the success of a campaign?

Next Steps

Finding an ideal email marketing consultant is a process that requires patience and attention to detail. However, hiring one is an asset to your business. The above steps will help you get the perfect email marketing consultant to revitalize your business communication.

If you’re ready to start an email marketing campaign for your business, we’d love to help.