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frequently asked questions

Questions About Win's E-Commerce Marketing

We are great at determining your company’s needs and finding solutions that work. Below are some of the questions our customers ask.

If you have any of these questions…

  • I’m stuck and don’t know what to do next to grow my business.
  • My sales plateaued and I don’t know why.
  • My business is growing faster than I can (or want) to manage it.
  • I have 100’s of ideas that will grow my business but I’m not able to get to them.

That’s where we fit.

We have 3 main practices at Win: E-Commerce Strategy, E-Commerce Email Marketing, and E-Commerce SEO/Content. It has been our experience companies need help in one or all 3 of these areas.

We can assist on guiding you to channel expansion, growth marketing, wholesale to DTC transitions, and more. We are a knowledgeable partner in your Ecommerce stack.

There are many things we can do. It’s best to start with an evaluation.

Here are some things we look for:

  • Growth opportunities on other channels (Walmart, Ebay, etc). Channel expansion and geographical expansion can get your brand in front of new customers
  • Email marketing automation and flows. Sales from email should be >20% on your shop.
  • Organic and paid traffic mix. Amazon is a great way for customers to try your brand, and so is Google PPC.
  • SEO for e-commerce is different than other sites, is your site ranking well? There is a different approach when it comes to e-commerce where optimizations need to happen and content that needs to be pushed

We have worked with clients selling on over 10 channels including multiple countries so we know the options you have to sell where your customers are.

Agencies are usually campaign based and work to a scope that you set. You want a website? Perfect, they’ll deliver one.

We on the other hand are based on marketing performance. We will work with an agency to build your website but our concern is the number of conversions you’re getting from the site. What’s the content strategy? Is the conversion rate appropriate? Are we tagging audiences for retargeting? 

We focus on the big picture right along with you. 

If you’re brand new to Ecommerce and don’t have a website yet, we encourage you to get started immediately.

We recommend you start by reading our e-commerce blog.

Start building your site and find the right products to stock your virtual shelves. Get started on Amazon if that’s your choice. When you hit a ceiling and you’ve found an audience, reach out and schedule an appointment with us. We’ll help you get to the next level and Win.

That’s easy – Klaviyo. We’ve tried multiple platforms but nothing compares to Klaviyo’s A/B and Multivariate testing capabilities, dynamic content and trigger capabilities.

From our experience they innovate faster than the competition and provide great support when you need it. I wouldn’t trust any other email provider with my important e-commerce data.

If you’d like to talk about what makes it the best, we’re happy to discuss it with you. If you’re new to Klaviyo you might find it overwhelming. We’re happy to take the frustration out by setting up flows for you.

We are an affordable answer to expensive full time Directors of Ecommerce. Our expense is shared over many companies. We act as a partner by working with you to determine what you need to grow your business and then help you implement it. Think of us as an Ecommerce business coach with resources to help you execute.

We care about winning as much as you do and we use our experience to assist you in hitting your sales or Ecommerce lead generation goals.

The cost of our services varies by the project. We start our engagement with projects to get your company on track to hit your goals. Then we are there as strategy and support to keep your Ecommerce plans on track and to adapt to changes.

Project costs we can discuss based on your needs. Our project management and consulting costs are $150/hr with a minimum of 20 hours per month. We flex the hours based upon your needs.

Our experience is that clients have growth goals and have a vague idea on how to get there. The fear of making a costly mistake or not having the resources to do it correctly prevent them from taking the first step. 

We have the time and the resources to complete the project with little risk and we are there for you to fill in the gaps in areas you need ongoing assistance.

The process is easy…

  1. Schedule a Discovery Call
  2. We agree on a strategy and action plan
  3. We implement the plan…you Win!

Ha! Those guys are annoying. No way, that’s not us.

Although you can get rich in Ecommerce, we haven’t found a way to do it without hard work and perseverance.

Our Ecommerce consulting approach is pragmatic and will make sense every step of the way.

PS. If you know how to get rich quick on Amazon, email us here!

Ecommerce Strategy to Help You Win

Find out more by talking with us during a Discovery call to determine what your needs are. Why hire a full time Director when you can get the same benefits with a Fractional Director of Ecommerce.


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