Award-Winning EmailGuess who’s popping the champagne today? We are overjoyed to announce that one of our email campaigns for long-term client Plain Jane has won the prestigious Hermes Creative Award. This isn’t just any small win; it’s the power of creative communication that connects and converts!

In this blog, we’ll take you behind the scenes of this marvelous journey, exploring the teamwork and forward-thinking strategies of Win at Ecommerce behind this spectacular achievement.

How Win at Ecommerce Catalyzed Plain Jane’s Award-Winning Strategy

At Win, we believe any brand can climb the charts with the right strategy. When it came to Plain Jane, we implemented the following plan that helped the brand become an industry benchmark:

Award-Winning EmailClient and Industry Focus

Founded in 2018, Plain Jane has quickly established itself as a noteworthy player in the CBD industry, focusing on providing high-quality CBD hemp flower products that are both affordable and discreet.

When we partnered with Plain Jane in 2023, we knew that the CBD market could be quite challenging, with thousands of competitors offering similar products. Additionally, the legislation in the United States makes advertising in this industry nearly impossible. Retention marketing through email is a key driver of sales for CBD brands like PJ. Recognizing these hurdles, we closely observed their target audience to understand their behaviors, desires, and pain points using our proprietary WINScoring intent measuring tool.

After that, we used our nuanced understanding of Plain Jane’s products and leveraged its unique value proposition combined with a unique brand voice and eye-popping design to craft a customized email campaign that went above and beyond this client’s competitors.

Award-Winning EmailTeam Coordination and Effort

Plain Jane’s campaign became successful because of our talented team that dreams big and WINS even bigger!

Our experts understand the power of an email campaign doesn’t just come from sending emails – it’s the sales copy, design, strategy, and thorough testing that optimize click-through rates and help generate significant revenue.

Once we get the campaign’s direction, our talented copywriters use a tongue-in-cheek tone, aligned with the Plain Jane brand voice, to craft fun messages that spoke directly to the audience. Our expert graphic designers added the characteristic Plain Jane pop of color and retro-funky look to the header image, products, and the footer.

After these initial steps, the strategy team ensures the campaign aligns with broader business goals and integrates seamlessly with other marketing efforts for maximum impact. This Hermes Award Winning email was part of a series of end-of-summer emails, identified by our strategy team as a huge opportunity for growth.

Campaign Outcomes on Plain Jane’s Business

When executed with precision, email marketing can work wonders for your business. The winning email generated 6x more revenue than average, while the end-of-summer email campaigns generated a 10x ROI. Plain Jane saw a top-line sales lift of over 109% during September 2023 when this promotion ran, with email marketing being the main driver for success.

Since Win at Ecommerce has started working with Plain Jane, their email campaigns have led to a 112.7% increase in email-attributed sales and nearly $1 million in revenue.

Start Winning with Us Today!

While Plain Jane’s products and online presence are nothing short of impressive, Win at Ecommerce’s strategies have been a driving factor in winning the Hermes Creative Award. If you’re a CBD entrepreneur or ecommerce brand looking to scale your revenue and outperform the competition, contact us at 855-590-2245 or click here for a free website audit and consultation!

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