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Need an Expert at Email Marketing?

Automations, Flows, Campaigns, A/B and Multivariate Testing

Need an Expert at Email Marketing?

From Flows to Campaigns
we do it all

Are your emails generating the leads and sales that you expect? Are you missing campaign sends because you’re too busy managing your business? Do you hear colleagues tell you how great their email is doing while you struggle?

The Win team have been professionally managing email programs since 2008. We love email calendars, we’re fanatics for multivate tests and we’ve tamed dynamic content. We want to help you Win at Email.

If you are currently using Klaviyo or Mailchimp or want to move to them, contact us and we’ll improve your email performance so you’ll have email bragging rights. 

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Make Your Email Marketing Work for You

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Our winning recipe:

  • Unique copy using your brand voice
  • Custom templates 
  • Flows based on your customer behavior
  • Multivariate testing every Flow
  • Audience segmentation for high deliverability
  • Automation pacing for high conversions

We believe in the power of email as much today as we did 14 years ago because when it’s done right, it is one of the cheapest ways to get conversions.

Our recipe for success:

  • Use your brand voice for communications
  • Brand your emails uniquely to your company
  • Multivariate test on every campaign AND every automation flow
  • Highly segment contacts for high deliverability and much bigger results
  • Pace automations out for your company based on what your customers expect

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We believe in the power of email because when it’s done right, it is incredibly effective at increasing conversions.

Our recipe for success:

  • Use your brand voice
  • Unique branded email templates designed for your company
  • Multivariate or A/B testing on every campaign AND every Flow
  • Audience segmentation for high deliverability
  • Flow automations timed to when your customers expect them
Runner at the Starting Line

Email Portfolio

“The team at Win really know email marketing. They use buyer data to create timely, compelling emails that convert. Wheelchair Getaways gets customer NPS scoring, repeat reservations and increased conversions automatically.”

The power of email marketing today

Did you know there are more than 4 billion email users worldwide? That vast user base makes email marketing the place to invest your marketing dollars.

But how can you transform these users into leads and buying customers? Well, it’s not an easy task but it’s certainly possible with the right combination of testing, design and implementation.

Engage and retain your email users through their inboxes and profit from them like never before. In fact, we’ve been able to deliver client’s ROI on emails by over 370%.*

How you can win at EMAIL MARKETING

We are a passionate email marketing agency that cares about seeing your businesses thrive by taking advantage of the power of email to create relationships and increase sales. Here’s what sets Win at Ecommerce apart.

Email Strategy Development

Successful email marketing starts with a roadmap that gives the campaign a precise definition, structure, and consistency.  We help businesses craft a winning strategy that answers the who, how, where, what, and why. What is your ideal result? Are your objectives measurable, time-bound, and clearly defined? Every solution we present is based on your company’s unique needs.

We work with you on developing personas that target your audience. We identify customer pain points, desires, and motivations. The voice of your company comes through in all of your copy and we help you amplify it in every email.

Our focus is on customer lifetime value and we use email as an engagement tool in welcoming and encouraging sales. When used in conjunction with the rest of your marketing we create an incredible platform to inform and engage your audience.

Email Marketing Services

Engaging Email Design - Focused on Deliverability

What does one feel when they open your email?

Does your email make it to the inbox of your audience?

Is it alluring enough to keep readers interested in what you offer?

Email success is an art and science that is measured in your ability to deliver personalized messaging at the right time. The appearance of your email largely determines its capability to generate conversations. We have decades of experience designing email campaigns that are attractive and whose messaging is on point.

Email Lead Nurturing

You can send tons of messages every day, but that doesn’t mean your email list will transform into an audience of paying customers.

Email lead nurturing means building trust with your leads to make it easier to move them down the sales funnel. With our experience, we know what works for different industries.

Nurturing starts with welcoming new subscribers to your list by a multi-email drip campaign. We tell your company’s story with strategic selling. After the sale we continue with post-sales support, cross selling, UGC, and reputation building emails. All the while we seek out opportunities through monthly campaign emails to re-engage your clients when they’re ready to purchase again.

We are not the typical eCommerce email marketing agency and that is oblivious in our attention to detail. We run multivariate testing on subject lines and content on every send. We analyze deliverability by email provider and screen size to ensure our content is reaching inboxes and getting clicks. With dark mode on phones, we ensure the creative looks good on both white and black backgrounds.

We put your brand first by ensuring precision-delivered emails based on your audience makeup.

Email Performance Reporting

To achieve your email marketing goals, you must figure out powerful insights and develop an actionable plan. This data gathering involves more than open and click rates. You need reports that show long-term subscriber activities, email list health, engaging trends, and optimization. This is how Win at Ecommerce consistently creates email campaigns that deliver sales results.

Our agency helps you see how your audience interacts with your email campaign and interprets the analytics and trends comprehensively. We measure engagement growth and tap valuable insights that help us strategize how to increase clicks and conversions.

We leave nothing to chance. What isn’t measured can not be improved. So, we measure, track, and react to every detail.

Email Content Creation

An email marketing campaign aims to develop a long-term relationship with your prospects. If you send a poorly targeted and non-personalized email, your audience will ignore it or mark it as spam. Today’s AI (artificial intelligence) based email platforms (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) monitor user engagement in real-time and will proactively move your unoptimized email to a spam or promotion folder versus your users’ inbox. 

Our strategy is to create engaging content specific to the needs of one distinct audience. If your email marketing goal is to increase sales, we craft content that effectively and efficiently achieves its objective. We also make sure it addresses the targeted audience and provides value.

Full Service

We write the copy, create the design, and adhere to your brand standards in our emails. We can do as little or as much work as you need. 



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the win process in depth

Our Roadmap to Creating the Best Email Marketing Campaign

As an experienced email marketing agency, our process ensures that we are continually increasing the open and click rate on emails. Our goal is for the emails to contribute over 20% of your total leads or e-commerce sales.

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Evaluate your current email marketing

We perform a free customer focused email evaluation and experience your emails like a customer. What's the timing of your emails, the voice, the frequency?

Then we discuss with you.

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Discuss Your Email Dreams

We provide you with our evaluation and discuss your business goals and target personas. We give you free ideas on how to improve your campaigns NOW...and if you choose to work with us, we'll provide you even more ideas once we see inside your email software.

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Using behavioral targeting and suppression we create audiences if you have email history. Every campaign and flow we A/B or multivariate test. We follow email best practices but email is Art and Science so testing gets it done.

You might find that our segments are smaller than you're used to. That fine, your customers will thank you with increased sales through our automations.

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Choose the Type of Email to Utilize

We choose which email suits your business needs. We use informational emails to pass educational messages to your subscribers. Our relational emails strengthen the relationship between you and your subscribers, while transactional emails facilitate information on actions taken on your website.
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Create an Email Campaign

Our email campaign depends on the subscribers we need to focus on. If we’re welcoming new subscribers, we’ll send a simple and actionable welcome email. If it’s meant for funneling someone toward a purchase, we’ll send information emails about your products or services. 

We also put a lot of emphasis on the Call To Action (CTA). Its copy, design, color, and placement on the email are all crucial to your campaign’s success.

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Focus On Email Design

A well-designed marketing email pushes the success rate through the roof. We believe a perfectly designed email reflects your brand's image. Therefore, we carefully strike a balance between text and images to ensure the email is attractive and the message serves its purpose: to persuade and convert.

Automate and scale

Your email should help you win

We offer email marketing services to companies who need assistance with email marketing automation and campaigns. With over 15 years experience in email marketing we can help you produce results and help you WIN.

*Based on 2017 eCommerce sales of ~$500,000 and 2019 sales of ~$4,995,000. Results may vary. Contact us to learn more.

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